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World of Tanks – Start your engines, track your foes and destroy!!!

3rd Person Tactical Shooter – Imagine fighting against 30 players at the same time each firing round after round from their tanks. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? But does it work just as well in the free-to-play tank shooter World of Tanks, as your imagination would have you believe? Find out in our review.

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In the free-to-play third person tactical shooter World of Tanks, you join forces with up to 15 other players in one team and fight in action-packed tank warfare. We’ve put together the most important features you can expect to see in-game.

Think I’ll pick the Soviet model today…

Even proper ‘tank experts’ won’t have to worry about finding the right model for them. There are over 300 vehicles from China, Germany, France, the USSR, UK, Japan and USA for each team to choose from. Your decision doesn’t just change the appearance, but also affects your battle capabilities. Lightweight tanks are particularly useful, as they have the power to quickly and effectively reduce enemy fortifications to rubble thanks to their speed. Coordinates can then be transmitted to the rest of the team and could turn out to be game-changing. But stay out of heavy fire or you’ll quickly get turned to scrap. If you’re goal is to disable the enemy tanks from afar, then there are more effective models to choose from. Anti-tank vehicles are particularly capable of doing this thanks to their powerful artillery and are also particularly durable due to their armoured plating. But don’t get kited, as your slow speeds will end up being your downfall!

Artillery units are definitely the most fragile though and can be sometimes immobilised after just one hit. They shouldn’t, however, be underestimated, as they give vital cover to the tanks at the front. Just like the anti-tank vehicles, they have the ability to fight from a distance and can cause a lot of damage. The trick here is to stay undiscovered and to operate covertly from the backlines.

Explosions: Sure – Tactics: Oh yes!

You’ll quickly learn in World of Tanks that tactics are half the battle. Even though you start the game the same way in all 4 game modes (Standard Battle, Encounter Battle, Assault and Historical Battle), you constantly need to think about the individual situation at hand. A game can be decided by quickly and aggressively taking over tactical and valuable positions on the map. On the other hand, if there are few possibilities for cover, it might be advantageous to let your opponent come at you, before flanking them from behind. Teamwork is everything here.

Regular Patches

It’s no surprise that a game with such a giant contingent of vehicles will have a constant problem with balancing them out. For example, shortly after the release of World of Tanks, many thought the artillery tanks were too powerful. The developers of this free-to-play third person tactical shooter have thankfully optimised the game by releasing a pile of patches on a regular basis. These patches don’t just contain new tanks, such as the big China Patch 8.2, but also ensure that no tanks are overpowered. It’s seldom to see a game be improved and redeveloped so frequently and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Massive Community

In the meantime, World of Tanks has become so loved by gamers, that it even earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records by having the most players on one server at the same time (190,541), beating a record they already had. In one of the most recent patches, the long-awaited Clan Wars mode was added, which enables players to join one of the many clans within World of tanks and take over maps piece by piece. Alliances with other strong clans are particularly important here, as the more power you have, the higher your regular income will be as you claim victory in battle.

Special Features

  • Giant Selection of Tanks: Choose your favourite from over 300 different tanks and get stuck into battle
  • Tactical Depth: Work out the right tactics together with your team of 14 in order to overwhelm your enemy
  • Constant Development and Regular Patches: Experience a game that is constantly developing thanks to regular patches
  • Massive Community: Be a part of a million strong community, which even helped earn the game an entry in the Guinness Book of Records
  • Clan Wars: Join a clan and increase your income by taking over enemy territory


The Bottom Line

You would be forgiven for thinking that the idea of 30 tanks in a free-for-all is a particularly unoriginal idea. However, the free-to-play third person tactical shooter World of Tanks has managed to create a successful mixture of tactical depth and realism, which will keep you entertained for a long time. The attention to detail given to collection of over 300 original tanks really makes you want to try them all out and the necessity of tactical thinking during battle ensures that you won’t get bored easily. You need to give this game a try!

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