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Winning Putt – Tee Off like Tiger Woods!

3D Golf Simulator – Everyone to the golf cart and tee off! The completely free-to-play title ‘Winning Putt’ breaks new ground when it comes to golf! So pack your golf bag and come join us on the green.

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Game Premise

There’s finally a brand-new well-designed golf simulator on the market with the release of Winning Putt. If you’ve ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of Tiger Woods and other golfing legends, then this game will let you live out your dreams. You’ll only need to register for a free account and download the game client before you can start competing on the greens! Once you’ve installed the game, you’ll be able to create your own character based on your own personal preferences. You’ll also need to decide whether to focus on accuracy or power, as this choice will determine what type of skills will be on offer to you as the game progresses. As soon as you’ve created your character, you’ll be sent straight to the golf academy, where you’ll soon become familiar with the most important in-game controls. The tutorial is really easy to follow and compact, meaning you’ll soon be left to your own devices on the golf course!

Wonderful Graphics

There may well be a number of golf simulators already on the market, but Winning Putt definitely ranks amongst the best in regards to graphics. They are truly beautiful to look. The character models and golf courses all look like a piece of artwork and really add to the great in-game atmosphere! In addition, the added weather effects and landscapes are undeniably breathtaking. So if you’re looking for more than just a great golf game and appreciate good-looking graphics to boot, then you’ll definitely be happy with this one.

Roleplaying Elements

It’s hard not to notice the experience bar at the bottom half of the screen when you first start playing the game. Winning Putt is a golf simulator that also throws experience levels and new skills into the mix. This concept is something we had never seen before and mean that even non-professional players will get a continued sense of satisfaction as they progress through every match. Great special abilities like extra-strong drives or spin hits will be essential for you achieving a good handicap as you progress. Winning Putt has successfully managed to combine in-game difficulty with depth and it’s a joy to play!

Matches with other Players:

If you don’t feel like meeting on the green, you’ll be able to walk around and mingle with other players in a central zone. It may well be that you even start a guild together with the people you meet here. These guilds act as a kind of club house and are definitely worth it in the long run. Using this central area, you’ll be able to choose who to play against and what rules you want to have in place. This means that you’ll have the choice of playing against players you don’t know, or your friends, and also whether to play with a two hit limit. You determine the rules yourself! Every golf simulator also needs a tournament mode and Winning Putt is no different. Hit your way to the top and show off to your guild buddies!

Equipment and Caddies:

Every experienced golf player knows that not every club is suitable for every ball. Certain clubs are better for certain distances, whether you need to hit the ball powerfully or with precision. But watch out, as your clubs can soon go into disrepair. The green has been developed with the most modern technology in mind and you’ll have the chance to invest in a GPS system to give you all the exact information about the terrain you’ll be playing on. Don’t forget about the caddies as well. A caddie is a combination of a bag carrier and advisor and the further you progress, the more experienced caddies you’ll have available to help guide you on the right path to victory!

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play: Fun has never been this simple! Just register your free account and download the small game client!
  • Wonderful Graphics: Finally a golf simulator with modern graphics! Game characters rich in detail, a weather system that will stop you in your tracks and lush greenery all make the in-game atmosphere one to take note of
  • Role playing Elements: Winning Putt gives you the chance to rise through the ranks and unlock new abilities in the process
  • Matches with other Players: Compare your skills with other players from around the world and become the next Tiger Woods!
  • Equipment and Caddies: Pay close attention to the clubs that you use and their condition and don’t forget to think about the caddies as well!


The Bottom Line

We would be surprised if you call yourself a golf fan and haven’t started to hyperventilate at this stage. Bandai Namco have managed to release a game which has real potential to chain you to your computer. We found the role playing aspects of the game, like level progression and equipment, to be a refreshing addition to the genre and the graphics are truly beautiful to look at, making Winning Putt possess an in-game atmosphere that is both fresh and dynamic. The golf academy allows you to train your skills before you venture out into the competitive world of PvP. And the best thing about the whole story? Winning Putt is completely free-to-play with little hassle. Even those who aren’t so familiar with the genre should give Winning Putt a go. Who knows? You might soon end up being the most talented golfer out there!

Photos of Winning Putt

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