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Wargame 1942 – The Second World War in your browser!

Wartime Browser Game – The Soviets and Americans against the Germans. Which side are you on? The free-to-play browser game Wargame 1942 combines a strategy and construction game with the setting of the Second World War. However, is it successful in making it feel realistic and can the developers of Desert Operations take it any further? We tested the Second World War browser game for you…

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Game Premise

In the free-to-play war browser game Wargame 1942 you take over the role as base commando of one of the Allied Nations (France, England etc.) or of the Axis (Germans etc.). What makes it different to other war games is that in Wargame 1942, you don’t immediately let loose with the action. A lot needs to be done at the beginning, just like in a classic strategy game and this includes building your own base. Only through clever tactics and a lot of skill are you able successfully defeat other players later on in the game.

Building Up Your Base:

In Wargame 1942 you are constantly in the middle of a battle with other players. Attacks from your opponents should to the best of your ability be prevented. To do this, you need to build up your defence capabilities. In order to be able to build these, you need to start off by collecting resources. This requires oil rigs, refineries, production factories and banks. You also need to think about recruiting units for universities, barracks and weapon factors. There’s a lot to do before you can really get stuck into the fighting.

The Right Mixture:

In Wargame 1942 the battles take place on land, water and in the air. Every faction offers a range of different units such as Snipers, GIs, Tanks, Aircraft Carriers and Fighter-Bombers. In order to be the most effective against other players, you should regular make sure you have a mixture of all the different types of units. How else would you defeat an opponent on the ground, if you don’t have an army of marines or any infantry units?

Extensive Selection:

Wargame 1942 makes it possible for the player to kit their army out with different types of armaments after a successful battle. In the heat of battle you can choose between a countless number of units from the Second World War and thousands of types of armaments with varying properties and quality levels. In addition, every nation has their own range of special and unique units, buildings and armaments.

Team-play is Key:

Whether attacking or defending, alliances make sense in Wargame 1942. Cooperation helps you to building up your own base quicker and make your chances of success in the thick of battle even better. The alliance system in Wargame 1942 offers many possibilities. Alliances can collect taxes and use the money or Alliance Bonus Points towards, for example, investing in stronger units.

Special Features

  • Superb Graphics: Wargame 1942 offers superb 3D graphics and is completely playable in your web-browser
  • Extensive Arsenal: Kit out your army with an extensive range of different land, air and marine units
  • Useful Diplomacy: Ally yourself with other players in order to attack or defend yourself from common enemies
  • Lucrative Trading: Sell, loot or produce goods to increase the money you have for construction or your army
  • Massive Community: Thousands of players are waiting to be conquered by you!

The Bottom Line

Wargame 1942 is a game with a compelling mixture of strategy and war. Starting this free-to-play browser game could not be any easier. This is due to the countless possibilities, which Wargame 1942 has on offer and sets it apart from its competition. It’s made even easier by a great and helpful community. The in-game graphics are really superb for a browser-game.

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