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Roblox – Your world, your rules

MMO – Build whatever you can imagine and shape the world in any way you like. Sounds neat, doesn’t it? Back in the day kids used Lego bricks in order to give their imagination a shape. But ever since the Roblox, a free to play MMO, hit the spotlight, the rules have changed. We gave it a spin and here is our report.

Official Roblox Trailer


Game Concept

Roblox is best described as a sort of toolkit, where you can decide whether you want to build your own worlds or rather just engage in playing something that another player has already created. A simple editor helps you to build whatever you feel like and a complementary processing language makes it very easy for beginners to get into the game. Create whatever you want and have your avatar run through player made mazes, jumping-puzzles or shoot each other in a self-made shooter that someone else made using the Roblox toolkit. The possibilities are almost endless.

A toolkit of wonders:

Once you signed up for Roblox you have to make an important decicion. Do you want to create your own adventures or do you want to relive the adventures someone else has built? We tried both and once we figured out the basics it became pretty easy to create your own world. We drew inspiration of someone else’s jumping puzzle where we had to cross some gaps in order to get to a teleporter to a next level – pretty basic. Then we tried to emulate and refine the puzzle. The tools to do that come with the Roblox editor. It’s pretty easy, actually. You choose objects from a massive palette of items and place them on the choosen surface. Reshaping the surface, changing textures and whatever you feel like is just a simple click. The wondrous things happen in the background. By selecting dependencies via a drop down menu, you can assign certain behaviors to objects, such as “When you step on that plate, a door opens”. Once you figured it out, you will automatically begin creating more and more complex scenarios and worlds that then can be shared with other players.

Hilarious when played cooperatively:

Once we had the course set up, we invited some friends over to give a try. Little did they know that we added some traps and other surprises. Having friends play the adventures that you custom-build is simply amazing. Sharing a personalized world with others is something that only a few other games have achieved so far and even less in a free to play model. Same rule applies when you play someone else’s adventure. Exploring an endless amount of ever-changing worlds with different rules, tools, loadouts and characters makes sure that there is an almost endless pool of entertainment waiting for you.

A great game for youngsters:

Should parents be looking for a game that’s is not only free of costs but also suited for their minors, then Roblox might be just the thing. Providing your kids with a sort of digital pile of Lego bricks, your youngsters get the chance to express their imagination in countless ways. Even better: Should your kids be interested in learning to code or informatics in general, Roblox is a great way to get yourself to acquainted to one of the most basic and easiest to get into forms of coding – lua. Starting with rudimentary commands plus on the spot visualization via the in build world editor might raise your kids fundamental interest in computers and coding.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Roblox is absolutely free-to-play.
  • A toolkit of wonders: Use the massive world editor and create the world you ever imagined.
  • Great for cooperative play: Have your friends play the adventures you created or play someone else’s adventure alongside your friends.
  • Suited for kids: Roblox provides an appealing learning environment where kids cannot only play the game but also get a place where they can begin to get a basic understanding of coding and scripting.


The Bottom Line

Roblox isn’t simply your average free to play title. Roblox isn’t even properly comparability to a game like Minecraft. In the latter you play in a world where the rules have been set already, in Roblox, you are taking the next step. You define the rules and the world. This way you have way more power as a player over what sort of game you want to play. The massive editor with its neat visual assistance and the in-depth coding options for experienced users provides an almost endless set of tools you can work with in order to create the adventure you always wanted to experience. And if possible – bring friends, you won’t regret it.

Photos of Roblox

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