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Rail Nation – Explore your fascination for steam trains online

Train Browser Game – Who didn’t like to play with their train sets when they were younger? The brand new free-to-play train browser game Rail Nation really encapsulates how you felt during this time. But do all the steam, electric and diesel trains in this game deliver the same amount of fun? We tested it out for you…

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Game Premise

In the free-to-play browser game train simulator Rail Nation you have to aim high. Your goal is to transform yourself from relative obscurity to a world famous transport mogul. This means you’ll need to learn how to transport goods, expand railway lines and stamp out the competition.

First Steps

Rail Nation takes you on a journey through the different eras of rail travel. You start off with just a handful of change and an old steam train and need to earn your first coin by delivering up to 40 different goods to the neighbouring cities. You’ll then be able to use this money to improve or buy trains, invest in research and developments, expand train stations and cities, as well as strategically investing in the expansion of the train network.

Further Development

As soon as you’ve earned your first pay packet, you’ll be able to deliver goods to and reach additional cities by strategically expanding your rail network. By improving your trains or building new ones altogether, this process can be made quicker and more proficient. Don’t forget though that you’re constantly in competition with other players. They are also trying to meet the needs of their respective cities, so you’ll need to get there first if you’re wanting to do business.

Cooperative Play

As soon as you’ve delivered your first set of goods and created new strategic routes, you’ll want to start thinking about forming so-called communities with other players. These communities are the Rail Nation’s version of clans and alliances and can be used to trade with other players, swap tips and tricks, get support and to fight off the competition. You’ll also have the ability to build special buildings which will grant you and the members of your community certain bonuses. Rail Nation is a round-based browser game with each round lasting around 3-4months. At the end of each round the best players and communities are selected and the game starts afresh.

Special Features

  • Further Development: Build and research over 113 different trains, freights and compartments and gradually develop them further
  • Giant Game World: In Rail Nation you can provide over 50 cities with around 1700 different services per map
  • Upgrades and Expansion: Improve train stations with over 11 different buildings and 300 expansion options
  • Strategic Route Planning: Create effective transport routes and deliver different goods to your cities
  • Free-to-Play: Play Rail Nation for free and directly on your browser without any downloads with players from all over the world


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play train browser game Rail Nation really impressed us with its lovingly crafted and beautiful graphics and definitely does not need to hide in the shadows of its competition, like Railroad Tycoon. But the game is certainly not for the casual gamer. You’ll need to think tactically and strategically in order to be successful. This can prove slightly difficult for those starting out but trust us when we say its worth it, as once you’re passed this starting point, the game is a lot of fun to play. So if you’re a logical thinker with a passion for all things railway, then this is a game for you. The game is also completely free of violence and is therefore suitable for the young and old alike.

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