Best Games of the Year


Glorious Saga

Votes [469]
Fantasy Browser Game – If you feel at home in the world of Warcraft, you’ll feel at home in Glorious Saga...

Soul Calibur

Votes [321]
MMORPG – Have you ever played Soul Calibur? The Fighting game? Yes? Well, then we have good news for you, since recently a free to play browser game of the very same franchise has hit the market...

Pokemon Mega

Votes [597]
MMO – We all love Pokémon and we all have most likely played at least one of the series installments. If not, then this is a great opportunity for you to catch up on one of the most popular video game franchises and do you know the best thing about it? Pokemon M...

Star Trek Online

Votes [235]
Space MMORPG – Who’s not familiar with space, the never-ending expanse and the adventures of the SS Enterprise? For those who want more from this world than the television series, you’re in luck...

Desert Operations

Votes [441]
War Browsergame – If you’re a fan of polished strategic manoeuvres and detailed base construction in a browser, then you’re exactly where you belong playing the browser strategy game Desert Operations. Desert Operations is the brand-new prize-winning strateg...
Sport manager browser game – Surely you’ve seen a table tennis match on TV at least once, and maybe you were even impressed  by the skill necessary in order to send the small ball from one side to the other...

Iron Sight

Votes [0]
MMO/First-Person-Shooter – Today we got our hands on a real blockbuster for all fans of exciting first-person shooter battles! The free ‘Iron Sight’ by Gamigo Games knocked our socks off. So load your weapons, grab enough grenades, and come along on a journey...

Fiesta Online

Votes [635]
Online Role-playing Game – Fiesta Online is a free-to-play 3D Anime MMORPG with more than 2 million players worldwide. Fiesta Online is a fantasy anime online role-playing game with detailed and affectionate 3D comic graphics and is suitable for the whole family...