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One Piece 2 – Become king of all pirates!

MMORPG Browsergame – Attention manga fans! One Piece 2 ist the great and free-to-play sequel of the pirate classic One Piece, developed by Joygames. But even if One Piece doesn’t tell you anything, you should give this game a try. So set sail and follow us on our trail to become the worlds mightiest pirate of all times!


Game Concept of One Piece 2

Just like every good free-to-play MMORPG One Piece 2 starts with the creation of your character. Here you can choose between four unique classes with different strengths and weaknesses. After choosing your class you will be facing your first tasks immediatly. A great feature for all fans of One Piece is that you will receive your quests from original characters of the manga. This really let us feel like being part of the One Piece universe! Also the manga-like graphics do their part in creating the real atmospheric game experience of One Piece 2. So get ready for the hunt for the legendary pirate treasure ‘One Piece’ in a  colourful manga world!

Fast-Paced Combat Mechanics:

In One Piece 2 you won’t battle alone. To your side you will have a whole group of pirates! Every member of your group has his own special abilities which will turn the whole battle upside down. Charged musket blasts, furious combos of punches to devastating spells – you name it! These special abilities are truely powerful and shatter the whole battlefield! All of these attacks are also a treat to watch, for they are designed nicely. During the game some main characters of the manga will even join your group of pirates. A true blast for all fans of One Piece

Well-Done Equipment System:

Like every buccaneer, you won’t be finishing quests in One Piece 2 for free. For every finished task you will be receiving lots of cool gear. Mighy sabres, shiny rings and strong armours are just some examples of the rewards you will be getting! The power of items is translated into ‘BattlePower’ in One Piece 2. Below your character’s picture this burning ‘BattlePower’ will allow you to see if a new sword is really increasing your strength. We think this is a nice feature which allows the player to not waste time with computing tasks. This way the player can focus primarily on finishing quests and not on calculating his items. Another cool gadget is the socket system of One Piece 2 – simply socket some gems into your weapon and further increase your ‘BattlePower’!

Exciting Events:

Joygames’ developers truely came up with something special in their daily eventsystem. Every day the player is offered all kinds of events. These events consist of a pirates notorious duties! For example you may challenge your pirate knowledge in the so-called pirate quiz. Here you will be asked several questions and for each you got ten seconds to answer. The more you answer correct – the better your reward will be! Of course every pirate loves to hunt treasures. So in order to do so in One Piece 2 you just need to find a treasure map and the hunt is on! But take care – treasures may also be looted from you!

Build Your Own Ship:

Since no pirate is a landlubber, you will need your own ship! One Piece 2 offers you to build and improve your crew’s ship. Obviously there are your ship’s cannons. Improving those will increase your ship’s ‘BattlePower’ and will teach your foes the meaning of fear! But a good ship needs more than just firepower. You will also need to enhance your mast, deck and sails in order to have a powerful ship! Fans of One Piece will notice that not only the game’s characters, but also the game’s ships are taken from the original manga series. So don’t only watch your crew get stronger and stronger – also witness your ship grow in power!

Special Features

  • Completely free-to-play: Just sign up, create your very own character and start playing in your favorite browser!
  • Great Manga-Graphics: One Piece 2 stays true to the original and offers you a colourful and vivid manga world.
  • A Variety of Events: From pirate quiz to treasure hunt – One Piece 2 allows you to take part in many exciting daily events. This won’t get boring!
  • Fast-Paced Combat: Lead your whole crew into breathtaking fights against the navy and other pirates.
  • Extensive Ship System: As you proceed to play you will get stronger ships for your quest to discover all the oceans of One Piece!
  • Thoughtful Equipment System: Gather epic items and improve your overall equipment in order to increase your ‘BattlePower’.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play MMORPG browsergame blast One Piece 2 isn’t just for fans of the manga series! Of course it is especially nice for players, who are familiar with the manga, to meet original characters from the series in the game. But the MMORPG Browsergame manages to fascinate rookies as well. The ferocious combat system and the well-done quests get you into the game real quickly. Fast progress of your crew and unlocking new special abilities are just pure fun! Overall we could have mentioned many more features of One Piece 2, since the game really has alot to offer. So get hooked by the colourful manga world and discover all the challenges of One Piece 2. We are still on our hunt for the most precious treasures and just ordered our next bottle of rum!

Photos of One Piece 2

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