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Dragon’s Prophet – Everything You Want from an MMORPG

Fantasy MMORPG – Just to be clear, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet is our new favourite game. No other MMORPG has been able to impress us this much and that’s down in part to the blockbuster atmosphere coupled with the sheer number of features. But is the game able to impress you just as much? Read our test to find out more…

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Game Description

So, where should we begin? The free-to-play dragon MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet really makes it difficult for us to write a short summary. So we’ve decided to put together a list of the features we liked the most.

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons:

Dragon’s Prophet contains around 300 different dragons ready to be tamed and trained. There are dragons which you can ride, dragons which can swim, dragons which can fly and dragons which… well can do most other things. There are simply a lot of dragons to choose from and the best part is that you won’t have to choose just one! Although you’ll only be allowed to bring one with you into battle, you’ll be able to collect an unlimited amount. The ones you’ve left behind can simply take it easy, or can help with the collection of raw materials or other tasks.

Unlimited Skill Combinations

The game allows you to choose between 4 different classes including the Guardian, Ranger, Oracle and Sorcerer. Those under the impression that each class will consist of a boringly rigid skill tree can guess again! Each dragon possesses unique, individual and upgradeable passive and active skills which means that no character within the game is the same. There are over 300 individual dragons and 4 different classes, which ultimately make millions of different combinations possible.

Clans, Territories and Cities:

What could be cooler than riding your own dragon around the world and vanquishing foes in the process? Doing all this with your own clan of course! The open world of Dragon’s Prophet allows you to do all this and more. The coolest thing about it is that each clan can build, defend and expand their own village while collecting taxes from their citizens to unlock bonuses. But that’s not everything! You’re even able to build your own house to your own specifications inside and out.

Vast Number of Epic Items:

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet doesn’t just provide players with a large number of dragons and classes to choose from but has created a breathtaking world filled with thousands of different items, armour and weapons. Are you the type of player who can’t be bothered finding them for yourself? Have no fear! You’ll be able to learn one of six professions and create these epic items for yourself or your dragon. Or if you’re in need of the money, simply sell these items to other players in need.

Special Features

  • Masses of Dragons: Catch, tame and train over 300 different dragons, each with their own individual active and passive skills
  • Individual Characters: Choose between 4 different character classes and combine these skills with your dragons
  • Open World: Discover a massive fantasy world and move around the open and breathtaking environment of Auratia
  • Action-packed Battles: Engage in action-packed battles and learn countless spectacular fighting combos
  • Professions: Learn one of six professions and create epic items for you, your dragons or your clan members
  • Housing System: Conquer and take over your own piece of land to build your home and city for you and your inhabitants


The Bottom Line

Just between you and us, we really don’t think there is a better free-to-play fantasy MMORPG out there. The game is so jam-packed with features that we still haven’t felt any boredom after countless hours of game time. 300 giant dragons are yours to train as pets and mounts, each with their own combination of skills. A breathtaking game world with an exciting lore, 6 different professions and the ability to build and develop your own cities make this game a complete package. You couldn’t want more from an MMORPG.

Photos of Dragon’s Prophet

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