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CrossOut – Build your own hell machine!

Shooter / action game – everyone grab your war machines! The free shooter / action game CrossOut is brought to you by Gaijin Entertainment, and it looks like War Thunder on steroids! Create crazy fight machines and plunge with them into a post-apocalyptic world full of destruction and madness. Read on to find out everything this new blockbuster by Gaijin Entertainment has to offer.

Official trailer CrossOut


The game principle of CrossOut

CrossOut is a scenario set in the distant future in which most of mankind died because of a mysterious plague. Now chaos and madness rule the world! In a way similar to War Thunder and World of Tanks you start your journey in your garage. What differentiates CrossOut considerably from the titles above is the fact that you can design and build your own war machines! The results are jeeps, tanks, and even hovercrafts! From battle to battle you can win super cool elements for your machine workshop. All you need in order to enjoy all this as well as the heated battles is to create a free account and download the game client – once you’ve done that, nothing stands in the way of gripping action!

Unique war machine:

Like we said before, you can design your own machines in CrossOut. But what does that mean, exactly? It means that you build your machines from scratch! You decide if you want tires, chains or even floating gear. You have a lot of choice in matters of weaponry, too. There are heat searching rockets, mini-guns, machine guns, tank guns, artillery and much more! In matters of tanks there are huge differences: you can design tank colossi, or weapon platforms that are light and easy to steer. We love it!

Great damage model:

In a game where most of the time you’re busy attacking enemy machines a good damage model is extremely important. In CrossOut, if you hit your opponents, this will shut down some of their modules. This way you can shoot at their tires, and bomb their weapons from the roof! But beware: these rules are for you, too! We had to keep ourselves afloat for a few rounds with completely demolished machines – but it’s truly special fun to turn your opponents to ashes with your last resources!

Market feature:

After a while you’ll realize that there are so many machine elements in CrossOut it’s dizzying! Whether weapons, armoring, gear, auxiliary systems or battering ram, if you need special elements, you can just use the integrated market to trade with other players. You have the advantage that for modules you have twice or that you don’t utilize you can find another use. What’s also interesting is that the elements have different rarity levels. So if you enjoy collecting rare and powerful elements, you’ll sure like this game!

Exciting battles:

Besides all the cool features CrossOut gives you heated battles that take place in settings with great visuals in the classical War Thunder manner. Thanks to the crazy machines, CrossOut offers a more dynamic gameplay than typical tank battles. There are aggressive battering rams and other types of machines that can do a quick job. In CrossOut you always need to be on top of things, because there are many surprises!

Features of CrossOut

  • Completely free: This is pure gaming fun! Just create a free account, download the game client, and the action can begin!
  • Unique war machine: Build your personal hell machines, and graze the battlefields of CrossOut with them.
  • Great damage model: shoot your enemies’ tires, chains or gungs – every hit will have an effect, and will shut down modules!
  • Market feature: Change modules and elements you don’t need on the game market place, and find special and valuable components!
  • Gripping battles: CrossOut offers classic machine action like War Thunder, but with crazy and self-made machines!


Conclusions about CrossOut

Mad Max meets War Thunder! CrossOut brings you the power typical for a shooter/action game. Create your own machines and lead them into battle against other players. All you need is your imagination! Whether mini-gun tank or missile platform – build what you like. On your way to victory you can unlock countless elements, and trade the components you don’t need with other players. We were simply blown away and can totally recommend that you check out this free shooter/action game by Gaijin!

Photos of CrossOut

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