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Black Desert – One of the best MMORPGs of this generation

Fantasy RPG Game – We have played our fair share of MMORPGs over the past years and while we did play some pretty good ones, we weren’t prepared for the treat that goes by the name of Black Desert. This free to play MMORPG raised the bar to the next level. We played it these pasts days and what we have to report might sound too good to be true.

Official Black Desert Trailer


Game Concept

Black Desert is an open world MMORPG with heavy sandbox elements. You start out as a rookie character and the only thing you actually have at your disposal is rudimentary gear and a hole in your pocket where your money was actually supposed to be. In order to change that you have to take matters into your own hands. Either by slaying countless hordes of monsters and demonic foes or by providing a helping hand anyone in need for a hero. At either rate, you will eventually gain more experience, gold, new abilities and better gear – the top resources for any successful adventurer.

Most likely the best character creator – ever:

Usually it goes like this: “Select glass, select gender and select preset 1 to 5, done.” This is what we usually expect when we play any given free to play title these days. Honestly, we can’t even begin to describe how far off the charts the character creation in Black Desert is. You can literally change everything. Every little detail of your character, bone shape, tone and body texture, absolutely everything can be fine-tuned and adjusted with so much detail that every character in this game becomes completely unique. We spent more than two hours with the creation of our character and by the time we were done we were pretty happy. Not only because of the level of detail but also because of the absolutely stunning graphics of Black Deserts character models.

The currently best-looking MMORPG you can play:

You can’t deny it, we can’t deny it – in terms of graphics Black Desert is currently the best-looking MMORPG on the market. No other game has such an outstanding level of detail and such polished graphics, especially no other free to play game. The world in Black Desert is seamless, transitions from one zone to another are simply beautiful and while the ever-changing day and night circle really amps up the overall atmosphere it’s actually the cities, that brim with overflowing life and NPCs that actually behave like proper villagers or townsfolk. Each NPC seems to have his daily routine and does not simply idle in front of the tavern for 24 hours a day, waiting for an adventurer to come by.

Active and fluent combat system:

All the aforementioned graphical highlights cumulate in the stunning combat system that Black Desert inherits. Clicking on ability A and hit? Clicking on ability Band hit? Not happening in Black Desert. In Black Desert fighting is much like it is in other games, such as TERA. You really need to aim with your spells and attacks or otherwise you are very likely to do no damage at all. While this is fairly easy in PvE situations, things do significantly change in PvP scenarios. Active dodging, aiming and mastering the different combos and abilities is absolutely mandatory, as simple clicking on any given ability won’t get you far. Therefore Black Desert becomes a furious ride of action packed arcade combat that is not only a beauty to watch but also immensely fun to play.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play RPG Game: Just sign up once and get the free client and you are good to go. Black Desert is absolutely free-to-play.
  • One of the best character creators: Who do you want to play? Create the character of your choice and experience was complete freedom in character creation could actually mean.
  • The best-looking MMORPG of the current generation: Black Desert is hands down the best-looking MMORPG of this generation.
  • Active and fluent combat system: Aim and dodge manually with your abilities and overpower your foes by really mastering your class.
  • A living world: A seamless world, day and night circles and an amazing NPC design await you in Black Desert.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play Fantasy RPG Game Black Desert definitely has what it takes to already become one of our favorite games this year. The graphics are simply outstanding and the character creation, as well as the combat system are just marvelous. We haven’t played any comparable game in quite some time, especially not a free to play title. The world of Black Desert is simply overflowing with details and even though there are a few things that might be a concern for some players, such as that grinding is actually more efficient than pure questing, this game definitely has more than enough to turn it into an outstanding title. Therefore we would highly recommend that you give Black Desert a try, because this game is actually going to become one of the bests of the genre.

Photos of Black Desert Online

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