Top War Games 2019


World of Warships

Votes [552]
Warship Action Shooter – We have played the phenomenal World of Tanks and the even more spectacular World of Warplanes and thought we reached the end of a class of its own. We were so wrong...


Votes [466]
Ancient World Browser Game – May the Gods be merciful! In the free-to-play browser strategy game Grepolis you take on the role as a brave conqueror, whose task is to create an empire, conquer and rise the ranks to unbelievable glory. Countless game options, brill...

Tap Heroes

Votes [369]
Building an empire has never been an easy job we assume, but doing it while you’re under constant siege by elves, dwarfs and even orcs must be even worse. But this is your fate in Tap Heroes, a free to play strategy game that has begun causing a ruckus on the mar...


Votes [575]
Strategy Browser Games – The free-to-play strategy browser game hit Travian from Travian Games has been completely redesigned and newly re-released. But what does the new version have in store for us? We tested it out… Official Travian TrailerPLAY ONLINE FREE G...

Strategy Combat

Votes [684]
While most of us are sitting at home at the moment, we took the additional spare time and tried out one of the most recently released free to play strategy games that goes by the name of Strategy Combat. Tanks, Bases, upgrades and warfare on a massive scale are jus...


Votes [574]
The Dark Legion has been running rampart these past few years and their empire has considerably grown during their warmongering campaign to conquer the rest of the free world...

Monster Evo

Votes [452]
MMO – We all love Pokémon and we all have most likely played at least one of the series installments. If not, then this is a great opportunity for you to catch up on one of the most popular video game franchises and do you know the best thing about it? Monster E...

War Thunder

Votes [714]
MMO-Fighting game – Everyone ready to fight! It won’t be easy, but it’s your duty! The free MMO War Thunder brings back the fiercest battles of Word War II and of the Korean War, displayed grandiosely on your computer screen! Even though the game has been on ...