Top War Games 2019


Knights of Fantasy

Votes [467]
Fantasy MMORPG –One of the newest additions to the free to play browser MMORPG market is out and drops you right into a world in turmoil. Summoned by the Gods you have to become the hero that the world has been longing for...

Cuisine Royale

Votes [856]
Battle Royale – Who doesn’t love a good old Battle Royale, huh? Well, we sure do and even though these games seem to pop up everywhere now, we have to say that we haven’t seen a game like Cuisine Royale yet. This free to play title really is something else an...

Torchlight III

Votes [536]
It was around eight years ago, when Torchlight II was released. After the success of the first installment, the sequel did even better and became one of the top contenders when it came to topple Diablo 3 of its throne...


Votes [556]
Strategy Browser Games – The free-to-play strategy browser game hit Travian from Travian Games has been completely redesigned and newly re-released. But what does the new version have in store for us? We tested it out… Official Travian TrailerPLAY ONLINE FREE G...

Lineage II

Votes [426]
Fantasy MMORPG – There are only a handful of game that managed to stay popular for more than a few years, especially MMORPGs seem to suffer from dwindling player bases and a continuously growing field of contenders. Lineage II, possibly the only real competitor t...

Albion Online

Votes [462]
Fantasy MMORPG – A brand new Fantasy MMORPG set in a mediaeval fantasy world is on its way and you can be one of the first few to support its development. The game, developed by Sandbox Interactive, stands out due to its high level of individual fulfilment option...


Votes [474]
Shooter / action game – everyone grab your war machines! The free shooter / action game CrossOut is brought to you by Gaijin Entertainment, and it looks like War Thunder on steroids! Create crazy fight machines and plunge with them into a post-apocalyptic world f...

Star Conflict

Votes [373]
Sci-Fi MMO – The first thing you might think when you start playing Gaijin Entertainment’s most recent free to play Sci-Fi MMO, is that it’s just World of Tanks in space...