Top MMORPGs 2019


Soul Calibur

Votes [315]

Soul Calibur – Cleave your path to victory

MMORPG – Have you ever played Soul Calibur? The Fighting game? Yes? Well, then we have good news for you, since recently a free to play browser game of the very same franchise has hit the market...


Glorious Saga

Votes [461]

Glorious Saga – Adventure in the Wacraft Universe!

Fantasy Browser Game – If you feel at home in the world of Warcraft, you’ll feel at home in Glorious Saga...


One Piece 2

Votes [276]

One Piece 2 – Become king of all pirates!

MMORPG Browsergame – Attention manga fans! One Piece 2 ist the great and free-to-play sequel of the pirate classic One Piece, developed by Joygames. But even if One Piece doesn’t tell you anything, you should give this g...



Votes [265]

Neverwinter – Fancy some Dungeons and Dragons?

Fantasy MMORPG – In this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG you are transported to the forgotten realm of the much loved classic game Dungeons and Dragons. True fans of the series will quickly feel right at home...


World of Warships

Votes [418]

World of Warships – All cannons, fire!

Warship Action Shooter – We have played the phenomenal World of Tanks and the even more spectacular World of Warplanes and thought we reached the end of a class of its own. We were so wrong...


Star Trek Online

Votes [225]

Star Trek Online – Say hello to Captain Kirk

Space MMORPG – Who’s not familiar with space, the never-ending expanse and the adventures of the SS Enterprise? For those who want more from this world than the television series, you’re in luck...


Divine Storm

Votes [364]

Divine Storm – New material for role-players!

Role-playing game for the browser – Time to draw your sword and dust off magic books! The completely free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for the browser Divine Storm is going to take you on a f...


Dragon’s Prophet

Votes [391]

Dragon’s Prophet – Everything You Want from an MMORPG

Fantasy MMORPG – Just to be clear, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet is our new favourite game. No other MMORPG has been able to impress us this much and that’s down in part to the blockb...