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Warframe – Addictive Free to Play Sci-Fi Shooter

Sci-Fi Shooter: The long awaited free-to-play sci-fi tactical shooter Warframe is finally on the market and delivers the perfect blend of organised chaos. The fact that this didn’t come from left-field is probably down to the fact that the developers, Digital Extremes, are also responsible for such games like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, BioShock 2 and The Darkness 2. But is all the hype justified? We tested it out for you…

Official Warframe Trailer


Game Premise of Warframe

In the free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe, you assume the role of a so-called Tenno with the goal of freeing the universe from the grips of the evil Grineer. After the humanoid Grineer increased their population by cloning and tore apart the universe in the process, the Tenno became the champions of a long forgotten mystical civilisation, awoken from their ‘hibernation’ to protect the solar system.

Battle Mode

Warframes can be played either in PvE mode, where you’re guided by a story and fight against computer generated opponents or in the action-packed PvP mode, where battles are against other players. You’ll primarily fight in teams of four people and the focus is really on tactical thinking. You won’t win fights just by having fast fingers. Instead, the most balanced teams with the best coordination are normally the ones on top.

The Warframes

You have a choice between 14 different Warframes. The Warframes are a type of battle suit. Every Warframe has their own unique attributes. We’ve listed a small selection of those you can expect to see:

Banshee Warframe

The Banshee is the master of frequency. They have the ability to produce sonic boom shockwaves or even sound-produced earthquakes

Rhino Warframe

The Rhino is the classic beserker. They have the ability to storm opponents and make themselves invincible for a short period of time by activating their iron skin.

Nyx Warframe

The Nyx is the psychic Warframe. By controlling thoughts, they have the power to either take control of enemy units or attack them with psychic bolts.

Roleplay Features

Over time, you’ll have the chance to adapt your Warframe battle suit to your own unique style and unlock even more skills in the process. Small additional roleplaying features have even been integrated into the game. The focus is clearly on action-packed tactical battles which can only be won with a balanced team and good coordination.

Inspiring Level Editor

As a small bonus, the free-to-play first person shooter Warframe gives you the chance to design your own level. It can be a little bit complicated and new players should definitely get to grips with the game mechanics first before they start to play around with this. This feature is primarily for creating your own unique levels, which can then be shared to friends or players from around the world.

Special Features

  • Exciting Story: Save the universe in an epic sci-fi battle between the Corpus, Grineer and the mystical Tenno
  • Countless Characters: Play 14 different and unique Warframes (Loki, Excalibur, Trinity etc.) and unlock new skills
  • Exciting Abilities:Enter battle with up to 4 special abilities per Warframe such as frost attacks, mind control or magnetic fields
  • Coop Battles: Tactical knowhow, coordination and the right balance of Warframes are the key to victory in Warframe
  • Level Editor: Create your own missions and maps and play them with friends or share them with players around the world


The Bottom Line

Digital Extremes has done it again. After hits such as Unreal, Unreal Tournament and Bio Shock 2, the studio has not disappointed with its first free-to-play shooter Warframe. Not only is the exciting battle between the Tenno and the humanoid Grinner a cool story to dive into, but the gameplay around it is rich and detailed. Entering battle with one of 14 different Warframes, each with 4 different special abilities, hundreds of different weapons and armour…what more could you want? We certainly couldn’t ask for more and can only recommend that you give this game a go.

Photos of Warframe

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