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March of Empires – March your empire to glory!

Empire strategy game – In these dark times your kingdom desperately needs a strong leader. In the free strategy game ‘March of Empires’ you can slip into this role! Lift your sword and lead your subjects to golden times. Read on to find out what exactly is waiting for you in March of Empires!

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The game concept of March of Empires

Before you can get your hands on scepter and crown you’ll have to download the game from the app store. Once you’ve done that you can start on your adventure to becoming the most powerful empire of all times! In your new role as ruler of the empire you’ll have your hands full. You’ll build an efficient army and monitor the construction sites on your base at the same time. The developers from Gameloft also give you a really good tutorial along with the free game March of Empires, so that beginners can easily find into the game too! Once you got the game basics you can already make conquering plans. Will you be able to meet the hopes and expectations of your people, or will you march your kingdom to its end?

Choose your leader:

From the very beginning you’ll be faced with a particularly important decision in March of Empires. You have to choose from three completely different leaders! Will it be the clever Sultan, the wild Tsar or the dignified European king? One thing’s certain, this choice is anything but superficial, because each one of them comes with unique buildings and units! It sure is cool that this way our European knights go to battle against warriors with scimitars. To us, this additional dimension of diversity was a great bonus of March of Empires!

Manage your castle:

In order to even be able to build a suitable army you’ll need the right weapons, armors and provisions for your troops. And what place would be better suited to manufacture all these goods if not your own castle? As warlord and leader of your people at the same time you monitor the construction works on your base like a hawk, and you make sure that manufacturing is as efficient as possible! Build smithies, work the land and process the harvested cereal in your mills. With such beautifully staged activity at your keep you could almost forget the martial parts of these times.

Cleverly devised fighting system:

The fighting and battle system of March of Empires in just a few a words: ‘easy to learn, hard to master.’ You’ll learn the easy parts in the first minutes, and you’ll be able to win your first battles easily. But when you come to fight other players the game becomes much more difficult! First of all, there’s a whole lot of different units, all of which have unique strengths and weaknesses. In order to make the whole thing even more tactical you can also determine your units’ battle formation. Should you place your cavalry in the first line, or rather behind the heavy tank infantry? You decide! This way, you determine the outcome of each and every battle.


In March of Empires you’re not the only ruler who wants to make his kingdom big and famous. You have competition at every border. Whether your competitors become bitter enemies or loyal allies, that’s entirely up to you! The guys from Gameloft delivered a good diplomatic system that allows you to form hugely powerful alliances with other players. Together with the armies of allied kingdoms you can confront your most dangerous enemies! But if you prefer fighting battles against the whole world by yourself, you’re free to try!

Features of March of Empires

  • Doesn’t cost a dime: All you need in order to fight all those battles as ruler of your kingdom is signing up in a just a few minutes and getting the free game client!
  • Choose your leader: Whether as European king, devious Sultan or experienced Tsar – pick your favorite hero.
  • Manage your castle: The lifeblood of every army has always been the economy! That’s why your base is the heart of all your military efforts.
  • Cleverly devised fighting system: March of Empires offers a fighting system that is easy to learn but hard to master. Make a show of your tactical skill!
  • Tactics: In history mighty empires always formed alliances in order to strengthen their own position. Ally yourself with other players!


Conclusions about March of Empires

March of Empires is a great strategy game by Gameloft! Choose from three different rulers and determine this way what your army is going to look like. Strengthen your infrastructure by building your fortress and manufacture here the necessary resources. Once you’ve built your army, you can march to battle for fame and honor! But beware – even the biggest army can be easily defeated if you haven’t arranged your troops in the right formation. But, no matter what, you’ll have most potential when working together with other players, so forming alliances is definitely worth it! All in all, we warmly recommend all strategy fans to load the free client and to give March of Empires a go.

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