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League of Legends – Potentially the best MOBA Game you can play

MOBA Game – Okay, you will have heard about this one that we can almost guarantee. League of Legends has been there for several years now and ever since this free to play MOBA has been one of the greatest, if not even the greatest of them all. After all these years we checked it out once more. If you want to know if it’s still the real deal in terms of action and teamplay, then check out our review.

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Game concept

Even though League of Legends didn’t invent the MOBA genre, it still added several unique mechanics to it. Once thing though that League of Legends has in common with other MOBAs is the overall game concept. You start the game by picking one out of dozens of heroes, trying to overpower the rival team and destroying their nexus at the center of their base. What may sound trivial when written, is actually a challenging task. It’s not only because your rivals are trying the same but also because of hundreds of other factors, such as team compositions, items you and your foes will buy that can drastically change the way fights turn out and dozens of other factors have to be taken into consideration once you enter battlegrounds of League of Legends.

Dozens of playable heroes:

Whenever you are about to play a match in League of Legends you have to make a tough decision. Which hero will you play and what role do you want to take? In League of Legends there are several roles to choose from, such as playing a designated support character, a tank or rather fragile glass cannon. Whatever role you prefer, hero selection and team composition can potentially decide matches before they even have started. Over the past years the roster of League of Legends has significantly expanded and no matter what your personal playstyle may be, you will definitely find a hero that suits you.

No game will be the same:

While there is only a limited amount of playable maps in League of Legends that doesn’t really matter in terms of replayability. With dozens of different heroes, dozens of unique items and several key objectives on the map that players are fighting for, no game will be the same in League of Legends. Every teamfight, every decision you make will leave its unique mark on the match and every opponent you face will be different. You will have to adapt within moments or your foes will get the upper hand. League of Legends is a game that is easy to get into but it will take you months if not even years to master.

A strong competitive scene:

MOBAs have always been a great genre for competitive environments and League of Legends is a game with one of the most vibrant competitive communities. Once you unlock the competitive mode you get the opportunity to compete with players from all over Europe and around the world. Put your skills to the absolute test and find out if you really are as good as you think you are. An elaborate ranking system, including placement and qualification matches will appeal to almost anyone who loves to compete with others.

Special Features of League of Legends

  • Free to play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. League of Legends is completely free to play.
  • Dozens of playable heroes: Choose your favorite hero from a huge roster of available characters.
  • No game will be the same: No matter how many games you have already played – no game will be the same in League of Legends.
  • A strong competitive scene: Compete with others from all over the world and determine if you have what it takes to play amongst the champions.
  • Easy to learn but hard to master: While it’s pretty convenient to get into League of Legends it does take months and more to master.


The Bottom Line

So, is League of Legends the best MOBA Game you can play? Well, it is one of the best that is certain. Since its initial release in 2009 the game has come a long way and with an ever expanding playerbase, League of Legends has become one of the most refined MOBAs out there. Its amazing how much diversity a single game of League of Legends does deliver and how many things have to be considered before you really begin to grasp how this game works and what divides beginners from masters. At any rate – if you have never played a MOBA and are pondering if you should give this genre a try, then play League of Legends – it will open a whole new world for you.

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